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PC gaming losing to consoles?

While site hopping (as part of my monitoring duties for the IRL work), my handy-dandy My Yahoo agregators found an… intriguing piece of news from industry titan id software. Actually, that’s the link to the full article as reported in Wired.com, but the original Wired article says it all: “Id Losing Faith In PC Gaming.” … Continue reading

Homeland Securing WoW

Of all the absurdities… Fighting lack of sleep, fatigue, ennui and a general sense of boredom, I was hopping around the Net like any good Mentat lacking about six more shots of espresso when I stumbled into this Wired article: “U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in World of Warcraft.” Now, this is a truly … Continue reading

Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, joins the ultimate Gamemaster and designer (read: God) , 2008

Gary Gygax, the man who made modern gaming possible with his creation of the Dungeons & Dragons system in the mid-70s, has left this mortal plane Tuesday this week in his home in Chicago, Illinois. He was 69. (click here for the article. Amazingly, it seems only ABS-CBN covered it) Gygax can be considered as … Continue reading