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Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, joins the ultimate Gamemaster and designer (read: God) , 2008

Gary Gygax, the man who made modern gaming possible with his creation of the Dungeons & Dragons system in the mid-70s, has left this mortal plane Tuesday this week in his home in Chicago, Illinois. He was 69. (click here for the article. Amazingly, it seems only ABS-CBN covered it)

Gygax can be considered as one of the Greats, not just for Pen-and-Paper roleplaying, but for the entire modern gaming industry. D&D opened up a whole universe of possibility where only the imagination was the limit, and that creation of his is the proud progenitor of every single title in the market today. And if not for D&D, gaming would be reduced to Pac-Man-like games, IMHO, (no offense meant for Pac-Man, of course) not the complex, engaging worlds we all battle in and explore 24/7.

I remember playing in his worlds before I even learned what puberty was all about, and that led to a lifetime of adventure for this veteran, “old-school” gamer. Before I was battling cyborgs and scantily-clad fanatics in Novus, or walking after the footsteps of Thrall and company in Azeroth, I cut my teeth as a Paladin amongst the forests, fields and catacombs of the Forgotten Realms.

Hell, just for saving me from the Hardy Boys – I skipped an entire level of kiddie evolution there, and you won’t see me complain –  I owe the man quite a lot.

I raise my sword and my rifle in utmost respect, admiration and gratitude to the primal Gamemaster. He joins the Ultimate GM now in the biggest adventure of all, and it wouldn’t take a stretch of the imagination to assume that he’s probably having a rollicking good time about it.

And probably explaining to God why a D4 is the dice needed for this roll, and not the ubiquitous D6.



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