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Homeland Securing WoW

Of all the absurdities…

Fighting lack of sleep, fatigue, ennui and a general sense of boredom, I was hopping around the Net like any good Mentat lacking about six more shots of espresso when I stumbled into this Wired article: “U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in World of Warcraft.”

Now, this is a truly “wtf?!” moment. As in, my gulay.

Do I even have to blog about just how… absurd this is?

It’s a nice material for game-related jokes, though. The best I’ve seen among the comments was the one that said, “I always thought there was something funny about those murlocs.”

Heh. Terrorists in WoW. Heee-Heee.

Wrong game, spooks. Go to RF. We nuke each other for fun there.


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