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The Azeroth Campaign: Verigand’s Fist Redux, Kor Gem and Refined Ore

Even before the hullabaloo with the overcrowding of the servers of World of Warcraft (WoW), I and the kuya already made alternate characters with other servers. For me, my new Alliance group was birthed at the relatively low-pop (well, it seems like it) Anetheron Server.

Of course, this being me, I couldn’t resist having a Paladin in my stable, although he’s not the starter character this time around.

I opened the “prologue” for the Verigand’s Fist quest fairly quickly some two months or so ago, but my first run-through ended up with me dead. After gathering more resources through leveling my other characters and building up their professional skills, I took on the waves of Defias once more and ended up victor, saving Daphne Stillwell and finally getting to her husband so I can go on my merry way to getting one of the coolest mid-level two-handed maces of WoW.

Based on Jordan Stillwell’s weapon notes, the sequence of quests to get the materials for Verigan’s Fist would be: Whitestone Oak Lumber (Deadmines); Jordan’s Refined Ore Shipment (Thelsamar); Jordan’s Smithing Hammer (Shadowfang Keep), and; Purified Kor Gem (Blackfathom Depths). According to the man, this is the sequence in terms of ease.

I already did this over at Bleeding Hollow, I thought that Jordan, nice guy that he is, is either delusional or misinformed. But then, my incidental tour of Azeroth due to this “world-spanning” quest was done over at Bleeding Hollow, with my level-70 brother walking me through Deadmines. Soo many things have changed since Rianos first went to get this “badge” of Alliance paladin-hood, but at least I know what relatively to expect.

Since three of the four ingredients would be in my home continent, I decided to get the Kor Gem first. In my Bleeding Hollow experience, this was one of the most frustrating since Blackfathom had elites, and the bloody place was a corridor so mobs were hard to separate from each other. I had to abandon the Researching the Corruption quest because the Corrupted Brainstems weren’t dropping on me. Still, since the target mobs were just inside the “door”, this, in my opinion, was one of the easiest in the list. I took the brain stem quest on a “you’ll never know” basis, since the targets are the same creatures, anyway.

It was more about the walk to Blackfathom than anything, and since I was going to pass by the ruins anyway (I took the coastal route), I also took the Absentminded Prospector quest and did it on the side. Without going back to Auberdine, I proceeded to the Depths.

In less than an hour, and a couple of cute little drops later, I already had the Corrupted Kor Gem and managed to finish the brainstem quest.

In turned out the mobs here at the opening of the Depths weren’t elite anymore. And with some already no-color and a few greens, it was a romp. The quest item drops seem to have improved, or maybe I was just lucky. I managed to get the Gem halfway through collecting the brainstems, and stayed to finish that quest. In short order I was back in Auberdine with the first of the materials. A little sidetrip to Darnassus for the continuance of the Absentminded Prospector quest, and I was going back to Menethil.

Incidentally, it all flowed together. I’d forgotten the Prospector quest after all this time, and thought I’d go straight to Ironforge, but it turns out I had to kill a couple of raptors to find a statuette. It so happens that I do have in my Quest List the other Menethil raptor quest, so I thought that it was all a jolly good thing that I would be doing both quests at the same time, which was completed in short order.

After some prep time in Ironforge, and completing the Yowler quest so I can gain a level, I went to Thelsamar in Loch Modan to once again duke it out with the Mo’grosh Ogres.

Which was something I was dreading. I remember back in Bleeding Hollow how difficult the big bastards were to fight solo, since not only were they BIG, but they were elites. Rianos had to do a quick sortie into the middle of the camp, find the box with the ores, and then warp back to Thelsamar.

But this was another server several months later and I did hear that there were changes. And the first different thing I saw at the encampment of Ogres was… they weren’t elites anymore. And they were all colorless or green (I was level 25 or 26 when I went there). So I sheathed my two-hand mace, wore my shield… and went fist-to-face against the ogres (I needed to PT my Unarmed, sorry).

In short order, I found the box with the ores. But before going to the camp, I also took the quests for the area, which is to kill a certain number of three types of ogres and get the head of their boss. And since I was there anyway, surrounded by a mess of mobs who were either colorless or green, I proceeded to finish both quests before hearthstone-ing back to Thelsamar with the second ingredient for the Fist.

All this took less than three or four hours.

So I only have the Whitestone Oak Lumber and the Hammer to get. For that, all I had to do was storm two Instances.

I remembered both when I went there back in Bleeding Hollow, and let’s say I wasn’t too confident about taking them on alone. But I wanted to do this solo. So there was Larsion, sitting at the battered “inn” at Westfall, thinking about how best to get to that room in the Deadmines where the Goblins – and the Lumber – were . This time, there was no level-70 gnome Mage to sweep away all opposition in the Deadmines like when I first made the Whitestone Oak Lumber run in Bleeding Hollow. And even if someone offered, I would refuse. Because I said I’d get Verigan’s Fist solo.

For how the Quest for the Whitestone Oak Lumber went, tune in next time ^_^



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