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Rising Force Online

A return to the battlefields of Novus

My first Chip War in months ^_^

You know, anyone can say anything about RF, but, good God, nothing – nothing, not even Battlegrounds – can make me as excited as a CW.

Since “Hacker Storm”, I haven’t really had the heart to play RF. I think, at the end of it all, its because I’ve invested so much of me in my Avatars that I don’t like seeing the RF Me get killed by twits and twats. Its one thing to die to an opponent who is better than you, and quite another to go down because you happened to face a hacker. Even worse, these (unmentionable) have the gall to taunt you and call you weak. Amazing. Who was it that used a hack, again?

But that was fun, my first CW in months. I missed the feel of the battlefield, the thrill of this war.

Now I think I want to write a fanfic for War Stories.

Feels good to be back.



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