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Soulstorm: Sisters of Battle

Recently got lent a copy of Dawn of War: Soulstorm. Lent, because I had reservations about buying it so near to the “reported” release of Dawn of War II. I mean, I’m currently happy with DoW: DC, and I’d rather save the money for Soulstorm to buy, say… Final Fantasy XIII.

Anyway. So its here. Tried. Did the tutorial, fine. I guess it was on Easy, because all I faced, using the Sisters of Battle, were a couple of Cultists and a slow-expanding AI. Yes, this must be on Easy mode.

Because I tried to Skirmish on Standard difficulty on Valley of Khorne (my fave quick-fight map) using selfsame Sisters and had to Exit to Windows because I was getting uber frustrated at how Chaos was handing me my butt.

Ok, I guess I was forewarned. Friends who’ve tried the game did voice out one of the complaints, that being the Sisters of Battle were, well… kinda unfit for real battle. For SM-armored troopers, they, well… tend to fall easily. Well, no. I mean, even with two Sisters squads, a Celestine (?), and…

Well, ok. So the AI threw the Bloodthirster, his Demon Prince, two tanks, Korne Berzerkers, and a couple more at me. Really, it was THOSE that broke my army: Demon Prince + Bloodthirster. And no Paladins, a Demonhammer-equipped Space Marine Commander, Chaplain, and Librarian to deal with the two badasses of Chaos.

To be fair, I managed to push them back from my base. The two evil biggies wrecked my turrets with just two or three swings, but throwing tanks, troops and finally getting that big Angel of the Sisters out and, wow… we threw them back.

But when I went to the assault again, and the AI threw both evil creatures and a whole slew more at me…

Let’s just say it: that was an exercise in frustration. I use Valley of Khorne to try out specific builds and whatnot because its a small map that allows me to build forces up and see what it can do when you do head-ons. Since I practically owned every AI on Standard doing the “Snapping Turtle” routine – unless I was facing Necrons and I was using Imps – I’ve branched out to early assaults. It gets particularly nasty when I have my Space Marines or the Tau.

What was galling me, I guess, is that when I use Imperial Guard I can deck the Chaos creatures to the ground. Maybe its the arty. Maybe its all those Leman Russ tanks, and all those Flashlights taking its toll on the big baddasses of Chaos. But unless I have the ill-luck to face Necrons I can defeat a Chaos Marine force in Valley of Khorne. It would be bloody, maybe they’ll breach my defenses a bit, but once the big guns are out… boom.

I don’t know. It was frustrating. Two squads of Sisters with Missionary attachments. That heavier squad with the main Commander unit. That Secondary Commander with that melee unit. Two of those flamespitter tanks, with Meltas. I even had a plane up.

Maybe its because I don’t know how to use them yet. The problem with the Sisters is that there’s so many nifty abilities that I do believe can help defeat any enemy – stunners? damage buffers? Retribution Aura? And a Tier-1 unit that, when attached, heals the squad, and in overdrive, too? Holy shit, right? – but…

I think the Sisters were made for Koreans. With their 300-keystroke per whatever speed.

I mean, look at the Sisters of Battle unit. Its like Chaos Marines in terms of augments, but there’s more to each squad AND five weapons. And when you attach the Missionary to them, they get healing.

I think this is doable. But this first battle was, well… frustrating.

Maybe I should have known, yes? I mean, I did Skirmish first with my Azure Phoenix Space Marine Chapter vs. the Sisters, and I practically decked them in the opening rounds of the battle. I didn’t even get to bring out heavy armor. Two squads of Assault Marines, the Commander, and three squads of Scouts with sniper rifles. We were sieging their base with that. Hell, I even managed to destroy one Listening Post and capture one Strategic Point of THEIRS early on. Using a squad of unaugmented Marines. By the time I could send out the Termies, the only building the Sisters had left was their HQ. At red.

So after the Termies ported in, I sent them to get the Sisters packing.


More practice!

Will try the Dark Eldar next, I guess



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