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World of Warcraft

Level 80

Early this morning (around 1 a.m., Philippines Time), after turning in four of the quests in Venture Bay, Northrend, my Human Paladin (Anetheron Server) finally turned level 80.

So how does it feel, for a longtime, old-school, avid gamer to reach the current maximum level in World of Warcraft?

I’ve been playing MMORPGs since the “Chaos” days of Philippine Ragnarok Online (PRO). Yes, back when it was still Open Beta. I also started in OB for ROSE Online and RF Online. I even tried Perfect World but it turned into an… exercise in levelling just to access new clothes for my, uh… pwetty avatars that even THAT novelty wore off quick. If you think that sounds gay, wait until you play PW and see what I mean about dressing up the pwetty, pwetty avatars.

For more than three years, RFO-Ph was my home, where I joined my first Guild (ever) and participated heavily in the concerns of the game’s Community. It was only after my older brother offered to… ease my entry into WoW (he’d been playing way before Burning Crusade), and after RF was hit by the “Hackstorm” and all the stresses as well as the disappearance of the old RF Community after Free to Play was jammed down our throats by CCR that I decided to play WoW, and play it more often.

Yes, this is the very first time I ever reached the level cap for a MMORPG.

Some of our guildmates – the veterans from the Rivendare Server, who helped setup ECO Unit in Anetheron – were actually laughing at my first reaction: “Wha? Level 80? but… but… I don’t want to ding yet!”

Understand that this is a holdover from our RF days. That MMORPG is the understatement for diminishing returns when it comes to levelling. I once tried to inch my way past the level I was stuck in – 47, of a maximum of 65 – recently, and after an hour of killing bugs I only got past a percent. A PERCENT! So you get used to the slow pace of levelling and instead do other stuff, like levelling your skills or, well… raiding. RF raiding, that is, where you lead a team into enemy territory and gank anyone you come across.

Goodness gracious. Last night, when i began playing around ten or so, I was less than half of the amount of experience points to get to level 80. Which was why I was surprised I got to it so quickly. I certainly wasn’t expecting to ding during that session.

“There’s so much (left) to do!” I shouted over Guild Chat as the congratulations poured in. I had so many quests already colorless from when I turned 79, and these are nice quests, like the one concerning the princess of Ironforge and that Blacksmithing quest I somehow didn’t get. And what about the factions I needed to Exalt in? And, now, I need to farm for equipment! What self-respecting level 80 in WoW goes adventuring kitted in only Quest Reward items? I don’t even have EPIC gear with me outside of my Mount!

One of the Rivendare vets said it all, I guess: life (in WoW) begins at level 80. Now that you’re at the max, every option is available. Its also the time to make money because all quests convert Experience into currency. You do all 25 allocated Dailies everyday, that’s… a lot of Gold. If they even just give 2 Gold each, that’s 50 Gold then and there. And our Server has lazy people who’d rather buy mats over the AH than farm; I just made a cool 50 Gold from selling a stack each of Cobalt and Saronite. I’ll probably farm Thorium, too, since it sells for A LOT, and we have no other Blacksmith in the Guild who needs Thorium right now. And since I can’t use anything above Fel Iron right now (another thing to do: level the Blacksmithing), I can convert all the Adamantite I have to Hardened Adamantite. Just ten of those netted me almost a hundred Gold the last time.

Thank God for RF and all the lessons we ECO guys learned there about the importance of farming – and the patience to do so – and hoarding stuff. Yeah, the Guild Vault’s so full of stuff our Guildmaster had to buy a new tab, haha. And so many of the new guys have Netherweave bags now because I hoarded two or three Runeweave bags full of the cloth.

Actually, I’m at a daze right now about how or where to go on after turning 80. I was deep into getting Rep with the Argent Crusade and Wyrmrest Accord before it happened. Now, I have enough Gold to buy Cold Weather Flying, although I think I’ll train first and just buy it later. I’m not in a rush to get to the Skybreaker, anyway, or to fly around Northrend since the FPs and my Charger can get me around pretty much anywhere with minimal hassle. I’m not even thinking about taking the Shadow Vault, or Raiding, for that matter, haha.

Hah. I think I know what I’ll do: after I get the level 80 stuff from the Paladin Trainer, I’m going back to Netherstorm and get payback on that stupid Eredar.

Yes, I guess the Rivendare guys had it right: life in WoW really begins at 80. And now its time to really see what this game has to offer.



2 thoughts on “Level 80

  1. ! You reached 80 last night while I slept?1 How could you! XDD

    But yes, Rob, now’s the time to live in WOW. Not that you haven’t been living already XD plus, you can also unlock your bloodrage. 😀 Lv85, afterall, won’t be available until next year.


    Posted by Thyalla | 10 September 2009, 2:54 pm
  2. Congrats! Now, you have to grind for gears! haha.


    Posted by Dee | 10 September 2009, 2:59 pm

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