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The Roof Kills: Magtheridon and Masonry Blues

So we finally did it.

If you’ll recall my earlier posts, I mentioned there somewhere that Magtheridon was supposed to be our first Raid. We planned for it, even had the strategy session at the Honor Hold Inn. Unfortunately, only three of the seven people present could get in the Raid.

That was ages ago, when the Guild only had me as its 80. This evening, we brought several.

So eleven people came, with most of ECO’s and the offshot guild’s 80s and a couple of late-70s. There was the mandatory pre-Raid strategy session, this time done inside the Raid itself by ECO GM Ryunaito. We had three Paladins (one of which, me, was an 80; two Rets and a Healadin), two Hunters (both 80s, MM and BM),  a level 80 Rogue (Monico’s Sliverblade, since Jacky’s uber-l33t Rogue was asleep), a Warlock (78 Demonologist), a level 80 Enhancement Shammie, a late-70s Priest, F’s uber-l33t DK as our main tank, and John’s Yronhand (ProtWar) as off tank.

And… we almost wiped at the first try.

Because no one said anything about a portcullis slamming down on the entrance once you aggro the Channelers.

Here, check the Guide at WoWwiki. Nothing about a portcullis slamming down. Nothing at all.

It was funny enough that we weren’t crying at the near wipe, although it was tragic to see both tanks running around inside the room where Magtheridon was while those damned Channelers were launching Shadowbolt volleys at us stuck outside. It was one of those volleys that got me around after two minutes.

In case the damned thing shuts you out, too, it rises after Magtheridon goes “active” or 120 seconds (two minutes) after you aggro the first Channeler. Also, the Channelers are immune to Crowd Control (CC), or at least my Repentance. The Guide said they can be poisoned with Mind Numbing, and are affected by the Warlock’s Curse of Tongues, but I didn’t see if our Warlock or Rogue did those.

So we… advanced on another direction (those still alive, at least) and regrouped outside the Raid entrance to reset it (also, note: once you aggro the Channelers, the Raid gets locked so, as much as possible, do not rez to the Graveyard. If you have a Druid, wait until he can rez you. Or, better yet, someone grab a Soulstone). Once that was done, we proceeded for Round 2.

So we entered, and lo and behold, the Channelers don’t aggro even if you’re standing beside them. Y0u can poke them, taunt them, moon them, whatever. Take pix beside them (“this is how Magtheridon’s jailers looked like before we fed it to the pets of the Hunter and the warlock’s Felpuppy”). They won’t attack until you do. So have everyone inside like we did. And don’t waste time CC-ing the bastards, they’re unaffected. Just DPS them to death. If you have ridiculously-Geared 80s like we did, don’t even mind the Infernals; just DPS the damned Channelers to death.

We decked our last Channeler just in time, too (bitch was inside the trio of Infernals, so I think some of the guys targeted them instead), because when she fell, Magthy went online and started whacking us.

Understand that, since 0ur attempt at CC-ing the Channelers failed, we were in “kinda sorta panic” mode. If we didn’t have a couple of 80s with Tier-9 gear, I think we would have wiped really fast there. Also helped when Magthy decided to eat off the face of the people we sent to man the Cubes, so his supposedly-deadly AoE can be negated. Damned demon went after our other boys and girls even when both tanks were hitting him hard.

So: no Cubes. We fought Magtheridon without cubes. There should be a damned Achievement for that.

Magthy was spamming the AoEs like crazy. Thank God for Paladin Auras because that Shadow Resistance Aura was amazing. I also noticed that the AoE didn’t seem to extend throughout the whole Raid, like what the Guide said. I wasn’t paying attention to my damage screen, but the animation seemed to fade after around a few yards outward from Magtheridon. Anyway, will check that in another run.

People taking this Raid on should also pay attention to his Quake. According to our MT, F (piloting his uber-l33t DK, Ataraxia), our “Cubists” went down due to this. Magthy would go to one of the cubes and Quake. While in Quake, you all dance around and around and around. And I think he was hitting them, too. It would have been particularly painful if the damned demon Quaked + Blast Nova.

Eventually, with most of the 70s down, we managed to bring Magthy’s HP down to activate Phase 3. This is where the FRIKKIN ROOF FALLS DOWN. And if there’s one thing that Lightforsaken Guide got right, its the info on the Roof.

Ah, so that’s how I died: “This deals 5250-6750 physical damage plus a 2 sec stun to every raid member. It’s very bad if the start of phase 3 coincides with a Blast Nova.” (Magtheridon Tactics entry from WoWwiki).

Yes, the damned Roof fell on me. One minute I was a full 23k HP, next thing I knew I was down on the floor.

In a sort-of nail-biter, Magtheridon was finally downed with both tanks alive, the Shammy still casting, and at least one of the Hunters, I think. From what I could see, aside from me, Sliverblade, Rizal (one of the other Paladins, the 79), and Valfoggy (the Warlock, pinned under Magthy’s carcass) were down. I didn’t see who else was down or still breathing.

So, yes: the Roof Kills. Very much, it seems.

At least we finally get to add Magthy’s head in our trophy room. That space reserved for it has been waiting there for a very long time now.

Illidan… you’re next.



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