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[RFO-PhX Fiction] Tales of the Negatios: The Angel of Light and the Revelation of Endtimes

Note: the original of this used Zanyuki’s Book of Zan, the original Book of Heresy. In my personal, revised RF, Catherine Luminus instead receives a copy of the Negatios, first penned by Eltania Elis and kept and studied by no less than her grandfather, Alestar Edian. This happens way before the Fourth Battle of Niven, … Continue reading

Fate and Destiny

I hear Fate’s laughter ringing loudly in my ears. Have you heard anything like it? Sometimes, in my long association with beings such as her, I wonder how they could… pervert the things that define Humanity. Look at laughter. If an alien were to land here and now and asked you what laughter was, the … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX Fiction]: The Coming of the Ten Plagues of DECEM

Overture: Visions of Death and Madness In the years leading to the Era of Quietism, when the Holy Numbered could not hear DECEM’s Voice in their souls anymore and the Sattva departed to search for their god, Eltania Kivana Elis, youngest daughter of Lord Kronos himself, called the All Seeing One for her ability to … Continue reading