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[RFO-PhX] The Overthrow: The Sons of Unity

Previously: the beginning of dissent The first shouts of dissent: The Sons of Unity One would think that, given the provisions of the Royal Decree that created the RBFL, all parties concerned would be at the very least content with it. But given that the RBFL was a setup that introduced many firsts to the … Continue reading

The Coming of the Ten Plagues of DECEM: The Hounds

And their heralds come, three. The scent of the Great Evil leads them here, found on the rotting carcasses of the ones clothed in steel. They will know of our sins. They will know of our taint. To the stars they howl of the prey found, calling their masters to the kill. Thus, shall the … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX] The Overthrow: beginnings of dissent

The Overthrow Otherwise known as the First Bellato Civil War and the Rise of theĀ Union The beginnings of dissent: the founding of the RBFL For most of their history, the Bellato have done nothing but fight amongst themselves. Bred to be the ultimate super soldiers by Project Alpha Adam, they could do no less than … Continue reading