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The Elves of Luminaria

The Coming of the Alari

When the Elves first awoke, the Great Soul Crystals, as the embodiments of the planet’s spirit, instantly became aware of them. And because it was the one nearest to their place of awakening, the Great Soul Crystal of the East, what would eventually bear the name of the Eldest Children of the Light, reached out to the minds, hearts and souls of the Elves and called them to it.

By this time, Luminaria had almost been subdued by the Crystal Breed, the ones later to be called the “Mythical Races” by the Children of the Light. The Dragons, who were recently given dominion over the world, and their helpers – the Tikbalang, the Ki-Rin, the Naga, the Werewolves, the Minotaur and the Centaur –  had long prepared the world for the coming of the Children, and their vast cities and majestic fortresses dotted the land, filled the depths of the seas, and even flew in the skies above. They deemed the time ripe for the true masters of Luminaria to take what was theirs.

The Elves were born with the Gift, of course, in full measure, and with some in levels beyond even those of the greatest of the Lords of the Mythicals. Thus, they easily heard the call of the Great Crystal of the East, and the whole Race walked as one to the direction of the Isle of the Crystal. And from their great capital in the center of what was once the single continent on the planet, the Mythicals were ordered by the Crystals to come to the assistance of the Eldest Children as they made their way northeastward.

But in their eagerness, the Mythicals came upon the host of the Elves in their might and splendour, flying on their own power or carried to where the Children were in their vehicles made from the Vibranite-based technomagic of the Crystal Breed. To the newly-awakened Elves, barely even able to speak beyond simple sounds and words (although their voices, even that early in their awakening, were fair to one’s hearing) and with everything in the world a new experience, the coming of the Mythicals was a frightening thing, indeed. Loud sounds and glaring lights. Beings more than ten times their size with power radiating from them. Forms odd and even outlandish or garish to the eyes of the Elves.

It was not a surprise, then, that the first meeting between Elf and Mythical was a chaotic affair. Many of those at the edges of the great host fled from the Mythicals. Those in the front and center were like deer caught on headlights at the sight of the Mythicals and their technomagic transports. The Ki-Rin and Tikbalang immediately went to damage control mode, the former creating soothing Effects on the large mass of Elves before them while the latter tried to gather those scattering into the dense woods.

Amidst this chaos, the tailend of the host, delayed a bit due to the perils of the crossing into the great forest where the first part of the Elves had met the Mythicals, came upon their brethren fleeing, and being chased by strange creatures. These latecomer Elves, although frightened themselves at what they saw, attacked those they thought were assailing their brethren.

The Minotaur were the soldiers of the Mythicals, their herds the backbone of the military might of the Crystal Breed. But over them were the Tikbalang, the Knights and Generals of the Dragons. The horsemen were the first to refine combat into an art, and were masters of every weapon then invented, for, indeed, they were the ones who developed many of these implements of war. They were also the pioneers of Battle Weaving, and were some of the leading artificers of the Mythicals. On that day, the Tikbalang came in full armor and fully-armed, in case their martial expertise was needed.

They just did not expect, though, that they would be using their skills against the very people they came there to welcome and protect.

The Elves, of course, would be no match to the Tikbalang. Against the then-pinnacle of Weavertech materials and weaponry and skills, the Elves pitted spears and crude clubs of wood. This was not a concern to the Tikbalang, who could easily subdue their assailants with ease and without undue harm to the attackers.

It was when the Elves started using their Gifts, creating crude but effective – because they came as a surprise to the Tikbalang – Weaves that badly injured some of the horsemen. This would not have been much of an issue, since the Tikbalang were hardy and the Ki-Rin were nearby to heal any of those who were seriously injured. But, then,  the Werewolves joined the fray.

The Werewolf packs had been shadowing the Elven host since they left the place from which they awoke. The wolfmen were not that active in the affairs of the Mythicals, preferring to do their assigned roles away from the politics and noise of Mythical civilization, but they knew of the Children, of course, and came to the same conclusion, even before the Summons and directives from the Dragon Lords arrived, that these were the long-awaited ones. And because the Elves, at the dawn of their Race, needed little to sustain them, they harmed the land little and thus did not merit the ire of the Werewolves.

But now, seeing the damage the Elves were doing to the Tikbalang, some of the Werewolves acted, trying to scare away the emboldened Elves from pressing their advantage. But because Werewolves were never known for their gentleness or diplomacy, their attempts were rather rough, at best.

Seeing the Elves getting roughed-up (however unintentionally) by the Werewolves, who were either in their bipedal “battle form” or the huge “dire wolf” form, the Tikbalang tried to stop them. Being in the heat of combat, some of the Werewolves reacted… negatively to the attempts of the horsemen to stop them from, say, biting a chunk off an Elf that refused to stop blasting with crude combat Weaves. Further bloodshed was only avoided by the arrival of more Ki-Rin, the Naga, and a division of Minotaur.

Having pacified the first Elven host, and after rounding up what they could of the latecomers, the Mythicals debated as to whether they should continue searching for the Elves who fled and could not be brought back (most having used a crude but effective form of cloaking). The Werewolves stated that the land itself, and the spirits of the forest, were angry at the violence done to the Eldest Children of the Light, and were actively resisting efforts even from the Werewolves to locate those that fled deep into the forest. The Naga counseled a return to the capital, and the Dragons acceded to their wisdom, tasking the Werewolves to try and locate the rest of the Elves. The Werewolves grumbled, saying something about having to clean up the mess made by the other Mythicals again, but acceded to the commands of the Dragons.

The Great Crystal of the East was of course upset at the less-than-stellar outcome of the welcome the Mythicals gave to the eldest Children, and Glimmer, the Dragon of the Crystal, expressed her displeasure to the group of Dragons from the capital that gave the report. She immediately dispatched her personal Dragonhost and asked that the Elves, or what of their Race the Mythicals were able to gather, be brought to the presence of the Great Crystal of the East.

After introductions (and apologies) had been made and the Elves began their communion with the Great Soul Crystal that would eventually bear their name, the Race stayed for a while on the island of the Crystal. The Tikbalang, hoping for a bit of reparation for the violence of their first meeting, built the first Elven city on the slopes, and around the base, of the Spire of Dawn. Krysallos, City of the Crystal, was founded and today is one of the few remaining cities from the Mythical Age. It was there that the Mythicals began to instruct the Elves.

Eventually, the Elves formalized their language and called themselves the Alari, from Ala, the very first word the Elves spoke on seeing the dawning sun. Therefore, they named themselves after the dawn and the morning, the eldest Children of the Light. The island was then named Alarinos, Land of the Alari. And after an age or two, the Alari began to migrate to other cities and locations throughout Luminaria, but never staying far from their new homeland.

Having learned all that the Mythicals could teach in the ages that followed, the Alari began to establish their own cities and sanctuaries outside of the Isle of the Great Crystal of the East, which was now called the Krysalari, the Crystal of the Alari, or Elvenstone in the later ages when Man started walking under the same skies.

Starting with the codifying of the Principles of Weaving, they began to expand on the knowledge and techniques learned from the Mythicals. This was the time when the Alari began experimenting with higher-degree Weaving techniques that would be used in the creation of the WeaverHorses and SoulBlades, and, eventually, the transformation of the Dragonhost of the East into the Dragons of Light at the start of the War Times.

With their numbers and power and territory growing, the Elves, now gathered into large groups called Houses that were centered around a single, dominant family, organized themselves into the first Realm of Luminaria. To govern their own affairs, the leaders of the Great Houses of the Alari established the Council of the Spire, which became the governing body of the Light Elves. One House in particular was chosen to be the Protector of the Alari, and from that day onward House Khera was formed to act as the leaders of the Elves in peace and, should it come, war. Alari architects and engineers, alongside the best of the Tikbalang, built a majestic Council Chamber just short of the Spire’s summit that would serve as their official meeting place.

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