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[RFO-PhX] Profile: Blackdread

Name: Blackdread Race: Accretian Class: Warrior > Destroyer > Assaulter Tier: 1S (Primary Racial Hero) Faction: Defenders of the Word Rank: Praetor Age at Rebirth: 11 Place of Rebirth: Imperial Albarium Alpha-1, Accretia Prime Appearance Blackdread’s Mark V Frame (Warrior; Enhanced) is different from even those issued to elite warriors of the Empire. It is highly … Continue reading


“I’m hooooooooome!!!” The sing-song shout of the young girl that just entered the inn, schoolbooks in one hand, ribbon-tied braids trailing behind her as she didn’t miss a beat rushing in, most certainly made Tanya look up from the persistent piece of smudge on the floor that she was cleaning. Normally, the young tavern assistant … Continue reading