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What I hate about the World of Blake Jihad

I think that’s what I hated the most about the World of Blake Jihad-era Battletech: WMDs.

Maybe the initial nuke strikes were nice, dramatic things. But the successive attacks with WMDs, some even apparently with the use of asteroids, seemed over the top and excessive to me. Even Gundam used Colony Drops sparingly.

I guess, as a writer, I hated how the new owners of the IP used WMDs to conveniently wipe the slate clean for the rise of some Marty Stu character. It really is lazy writing, in my opinion. I mean, by the time of the Arc Royal meeting where veteran military commanders were present, years into the Jihad, shouldn’t they have known better?

And what they did to Outreach… God. I think they wiped out almost every major mercenary command from the “classic” era except for the Kell Hounds and even they were left rudderless – many of their “classic” era leaders were dead, and Morgan Kell refused to take command, saying he’s sick and tired of war – almost at the end.

The Battletech universe, imo, was the Star Wars to Western mecha and armored warfare fans. The fate of Human Space is supposed to be decided by warriors riding 10-15 meter tall war machines in epic battles reminiscent of those fought by knights in heroic tales.To have events decided by the push of a nuclear button or the drop of an asteroid… that’s just shitty writing to me.

Actually, I never did like that Devlin Stone character. The way the paved the way for his ascension… you’d almost believe the “Illuminati” story from one of the sourcebooks.

Yes, I think that’s what I hated. They butchered one of my favorite Worlds with the ignominy of nuclear fire and the silliness of asteroid strikes.

How drool.



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