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Mass Effect

Back in Citadel space

One of the things I did after getting back my Steam client (it suffered that annoying “exits-on-its-own” bug) was to play Mass Effect 2.

Prior to that, I’ve logged in over 80 hours of gameplay (with five different characters!) in Torchlight 2 since getting it around late September or early October 2012. I think the lull in PC play due to my Steam crashing and the crapshit (yes, I meant that sort-of redundancy) that is Mechwarrior Online broke my TL2 addiction. Or maybe I missed the gameplay you only find in a good, long RPG.

It took a while to remember the moves. My keystrokes were slow and I forget you pressed “F” to hit someone with your fist (I’m a Vanguard MaleShep), and I keep forgetting squad coordination and even activating ammo powers. God, what a noob, haha.

I’ve been through this before, of course. This is my… third playthrough of my “main” Shep in ME2. I redid the game to better incorporate the Kasumi DLC (which I bought late), make its eponymous master thief truly part of my crew and not some addition after what we did past the Omega-4 Relay.

But it never seems to get old. There’s really something about Mass Effect that drew me in.

Right now, I’m listening to soundtrack from ME3. I don’t have a copy of the game yet because my HD’s full. I know, I’m missing a lot. Maybe before the year ends. It’s quite late, but I got ME2 a year or two after release, too. It was still an awesome experience that first time I finished it, and it’s still an awesome experience every time I run through the game.

After completing this run-through, I have two characters ready in ME1 for play: my first FemShep (do I save Kaidan?) and my Engineer who I’m planning to hook up with Tali in ME2.

Also, Reave is… very nice.

Yes, it feels good to be back in Citadel space.



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