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Story Snippets: From “The Stardust Incident”

“Are we fighting something real?”, Renee asked. “I… No. And Yes,” Angeline Valentine replied to the Marine, voice subdued. “Wait. What? That can’t be right,” another of the Marines, Corby by the nameplate on his powersuit, said. The confusion, anger and fear in his voice could be heard in equal measure. “How can something be … Continue reading


  I remember that first time I saw you. It was hardly what anyone would call the most ideal of conditions. You were drenched head to toe with the storm just past. Your dress that was once so regal was in tatters, and what remained was caked with mud and blood. I stood a ways, … Continue reading


19 Nov 2015 1546z Draft 001 I am Martin Salese. And I am Coldborn. Of course, that’s just slang. My birth records show that I was one whose birth came about through an “artificial womb.” My parents contributed egg and sperm and I spent nine carefully-monitored-and-regulated months in a technological marvel of steel, plastic and … Continue reading

Midwifing a World

I’ve been trying to design a Race for a World I’m making for months, if not the past year or so. I’ve always slammed into one bloody wall or another with them. Having nothing better to do after noche buena ended at around 1:30 a.m. today (Dec. 25, Philippine Time), I sat down and wrote … Continue reading

Back in Citadel space

One of the things I did after getting back my Steam client (it suffered that annoying “exits-on-its-own” bug) was to play Mass Effect 2. Prior to that, I’ve logged in over 80 hours of gameplay (with five different characters!) in Torchlight 2 since getting it around late September or early October 2012. I think the … Continue reading

The Galaxy Far, Far Away is now part of a Small World

On Halloween week 2012, news spread that Disney now owns Lucasfilm. Although George Lucas still has a hefty interest in his old company, this means that the Magic Kingdom now controls the Galaxy Far, Far, Away. I don’t know yet how Star Woids are reacting to this. My usual source of the state of pop-culture, … Continue reading


Ben has been awake for some time now. His platoon leader would scold him, but the soldier wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep on the eve of this major operation. Some simply kept to their cots, staring at nothing above them. The more restless decided to go around. He saw several hanging out in … Continue reading

What I hate about the World of Blake Jihad

I think that’s what I hated the most about the World of Blake Jihad-era Battletech: WMDs. Maybe the initial nuke strikes were nice, dramatic things. But the successive attacks with WMDs, some even apparently with the use of asteroids, seemed over the top and excessive to me. Even Gundam used Colony Drops sparingly. I guess, … Continue reading


Note: this was originally published in my Multiply account’s blog, dated 1 Sept. 2009 I was thinking about Arthas. Why did he, a Prince of the Realm, a Paladin born and bred, protege of Uther the Lightbringer, the greatest Paladin of the age, and the heroic Muradin Bronzebeard (who is, astonishingly, a level 80 Elite), … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX] The Gift

21 March 2009, 14:41:12 Lebiscuri Continent Planet Verne Novus System, NE XX The sun rarely shines on Lebiscuri. Overhead, the eternal pall of a storm swirls in what might be described by the Bellato Romantics as “majestic grays and whites.” Accretian scientists would simply say that the freakish weather on Lebiscuri was caused by the … Continue reading