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Story Snippets: From “The Stardust Incident”

“Are we fighting something real?”, Renee asked. “I… No. And Yes,” Angeline Valentine replied to the Marine, voice subdued. “Wait. What? That can’t be right,” another of the Marines, Corby by the nameplate on his powersuit, said. The confusion, anger and fear in his voice could be heard in equal measure. “How can something be … Continue reading

What I hate about the World of Blake Jihad

I think that’s what I hated the most about the World of Blake Jihad-era Battletech: WMDs. Maybe the initial nuke strikes were nice, dramatic things. But the successive attacks with WMDs, some even apparently with the use of asteroids, seemed over the top and excessive to me. Even Gundam used Colony Drops sparingly. I guess, … Continue reading

[Vampire: The Masquerade] Manila at Night: Power Struggle

I’m waiting for the pen, To come up here again, And devour me whole. They’re screaming to the gods. Screaming to the gods. And I’ll be here holding on. ~ A Day Before Pisces, Faspitch ———— Private Airstrip Manila Domestic Airport Pasay City, Philippines Ah, Manila. No matter how far I run, no matter where … Continue reading