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  I remember that first time I saw you. It was hardly what anyone would call the most ideal of conditions. You were drenched head to toe with the storm just past. Your dress that was once so regal was in tatters, and what remained was caked with mud and blood. I stood a ways, … Continue reading


19 Nov 2015 1546z Draft 001 I am Martin Salese. And I am Coldborn. Of course, that’s just slang. My birth records show that I was one whose birth came about through an “artificial womb.” My parents contributed egg and sperm and I spent nine carefully-monitored-and-regulated months in a technological marvel of steel, plastic and … Continue reading


Ben has been awake for some time now. His platoon leader would scold him, but the soldier wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep on the eve of this major operation. Some simply kept to their cots, staring at nothing above them. The more restless decided to go around. He saw several hanging out in … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX] The Gift

21 March 2009, 14:41:12 Lebiscuri Continent Planet Verne Novus System, NE XX The sun rarely shines on Lebiscuri. Overhead, the eternal pall of a storm swirls in what might be described by the Bellato Romantics as “majestic grays and whites.” Accretian scientists would simply say that the freakish weather on Lebiscuri was caused by the … Continue reading


“I’m hooooooooome!!!” The sing-song shout of the young girl that just entered the inn, schoolbooks in one hand, ribbon-tied braids trailing behind her as she didn’t miss a beat rushing in, most certainly made Tanya look up from the persistent piece of smudge on the floor that she was cleaning. Normally, the young tavern assistant … Continue reading

The Coming of the Ten Plagues of DECEM: The Hounds

And their heralds come, three. The scent of the Great Evil leads them here, found on the rotting carcasses of the ones clothed in steel. They will know of our sins. They will know of our taint. To the stars they howl of the prey found, calling their masters to the kill. Thus, shall the … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX] Tales of the Negatios: The Plagues and the Orchestra

Eltania Elis saw the end of the universe as she knew it. A largely devout woman – she was born just before the Unity Crusade, and grew up in D.A.’s shadow, basking in the myth and power of the Sattva – her Faith kept her listening to DECEM’s anguished, delirious ramblings, even as the same … Continue reading

The Coming of Sorrow

The spear’s serrated, single-edged blade made a sickening sound as the Knight pulled it free from the body of the Horror he’d just killed. The old warrior had done his share of fighting even before he went on this sorry crusade, but it was the first time he’d heard such a sound. It was as … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX] The Dreams of Harvey and Phaera

I dreamt of you. I remember saying those words as I looked on your face, a smile on it as you slept, your arms around me. Even in the complete darkness of the room, you glowed with the power that was your birthright, a soft light that reminded me of the illumination I once steered … Continue reading

[RFO-PhX Fiction] Tales of the Negatios: The Angel of Light and the Revelation of Endtimes

Note: the original of this used Zanyuki’s Book of Zan, the original Book of Heresy. In my personal, revised RF, Catherine Luminus instead receives a copy of the Negatios, first penned by Eltania Elis and kept and studied by no less than her grandfather, Alestar Edian. This happens way before the Fourth Battle of Niven, … Continue reading